Effectively managing conflict helps people work together with less stress and tension and frees up energy to create better solutions to their business and organizational challenges.  Our team helps reduce the high cost of conflict in organizations by teaching, demonstrating, and coaching effective conflict-resolution skills in the workplace for business owners, organizational leaders, managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals.  

We offer a range of services related to conflict resolution meetings, including: 

  • Mediation:  Our trained mediators meet with conflicted parties to help them constructively address and resolve disputes.

  • Conflict-coaching: Our process prepares you to approach others in a face-to-face meeting, with the tools to effectively deal with a conflict, without a third-party present.

  • Conflict-Competence Development:  We provide assessment tools, such as the Conflict Dynamics Profile, to help you look more closely at your typical styles of approaching conflict and then develop additional effective conflict management strategies. Our goal is to help you develop your “Conflict Competence,” which prepares you and your business or organization to be able to manage conflict more effectively, thus improving job satisfaction and reducing turn-over.

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