Have you ever had a specific issue or question relating to your business, agency or organization but did not know who to turn to for trusted and confidential guidance?  Our experienced team offers consultation and advice on a wide array of business issues, and we are available via phone, email, and by appointment.  Our transactional advice can help guide your business or organization through the process of conducting business, negotiations, or interpersonal relations and avoid costly obstacles.   

  • Our team offers cost-effective short-term or brief advice and consultation.

  • We provide businesses and organizations with information and guidance relating to communication, conflict management, relationship skills, and business systems. 

  • Our uniquely collaborative approach is focused on your specific needs. 

  • Our experience in law, counseling and business matters allow us to help you assess risks and avoid problems before they arise.     

  • We can offer your organization the expertise necessary to help you make sound decisions.

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